donderdag 21 augustus 2008


this was the last time you walked out the door
I won't be seeing you anymore
because you've gone astray
nothing left to say

so what do you want from me?
as you'll never get an apology
not as long as I shall live
I'd rather die than this I'd give

do you want some kind of reaction?
on the years that went by?
do you expect some kind of affection?
do you lie awake at night?

cause I won't lose a minute's sleep
dug through this matter so deep
you've only got yourself to blame
and yes, you should feel ashamed


why don't you say you're sorry
when you're the one who's wrong
why don't you say you're sorry
for lying to me all along

why can't you thank me
for all I've done
why can't you respect
what I've become

why don't you apologize
for making me cry
please apologize
for never saying goodbye


I see right through you
I see past all your lies
I see through all your alibi's
remember all those sad goodbyes

I can't remember the good in you
not the same as what I once knew
making everyone feel blue
you will get what's coming to you

all the time I spent with you
everything I sacrificed
your faithfulness was so untrue
too exhausted to even say we're through

no more lies
nothing left to sacrifice
no more shoulder to cry on
no one to rely on

Free Now

I've had all this time to contemplate
a perfect way to reciprocate
to right your wrongs for you
after all you put me through

you were so mistaken
you thought I was frail
you thought I would break down
you thought I would fail

now watch me return
to my powers once more
in dignity and white light
so much to explore
not dependent anymore

I have wings now
I can fly
I am free now
I can cry
you are free now
so am I

Talk (censored)

I said I don't like you to ignore me
even though you have a job, chances plenty
please tell me why you treat me like a fool
you have a messed up idea of playing by the rules

he said I think you're being rude
and you have no respect for what I do
I'll erase your address, your numbers too
I'll forget about it all too soon

I don't want to hear from you again
just forget that we were friends
please tell me why you like to lament
all I did was call upon a supposed friend

and I know that you don't like my dad
well I think that yours is just as bad
remind me of what we once had
seems that I've been quite misled

I've been nothing but honest to you
you always knew everything I do
still you can't appreciate this trait
because you don't have it at any rate

he said I just don't have the time
I'd rather play with this computer of mine
every weekend doing * to unwind
still you think that * is a crime

which shows just how wicked you are
you're a * superstar
don't put the blame on me
because you're too blind to see

Tainted Tale (wherever you roam)

I was only seventeen
I had a full time job
and if I'd only seen
we were falling apart

I was never home
you seemed to suffer
in grief I roam
while I recover

the stolen memories
of a shared childhood
the reminiscence
of walking in the snow barefoot

be shouted at over toilet paper
being locked in the cellar
the trauma that it left
I'd never tell her

roaming through the forest
walking on the beach
I was shy and unsure
you were just a peach

our giggly laughter
your endless jokes
for ever after
parted souls

you fled from me
out of sight
I always thought the family
were the ones who were right

we spent years apart
after being together from the start
lying became a special art
you were always in my heart

we tried again about twice
being together, acting all nice
I couldn't even see past the lies
These were our last goodbyes

so wherever you may roam
as always far removed from home
know that I won't forget you
but I couldn't live with you too