donderdag 21 augustus 2008

Talk (censored)

I said I don't like you to ignore me
even though you have a job, chances plenty
please tell me why you treat me like a fool
you have a messed up idea of playing by the rules

he said I think you're being rude
and you have no respect for what I do
I'll erase your address, your numbers too
I'll forget about it all too soon

I don't want to hear from you again
just forget that we were friends
please tell me why you like to lament
all I did was call upon a supposed friend

and I know that you don't like my dad
well I think that yours is just as bad
remind me of what we once had
seems that I've been quite misled

I've been nothing but honest to you
you always knew everything I do
still you can't appreciate this trait
because you don't have it at any rate

he said I just don't have the time
I'd rather play with this computer of mine
every weekend doing * to unwind
still you think that * is a crime

which shows just how wicked you are
you're a * superstar
don't put the blame on me
because you're too blind to see

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