donderdag 21 augustus 2008

Tainted Tale (wherever you roam)

I was only seventeen
I had a full time job
and if I'd only seen
we were falling apart

I was never home
you seemed to suffer
in grief I roam
while I recover

the stolen memories
of a shared childhood
the reminiscence
of walking in the snow barefoot

be shouted at over toilet paper
being locked in the cellar
the trauma that it left
I'd never tell her

roaming through the forest
walking on the beach
I was shy and unsure
you were just a peach

our giggly laughter
your endless jokes
for ever after
parted souls

you fled from me
out of sight
I always thought the family
were the ones who were right

we spent years apart
after being together from the start
lying became a special art
you were always in my heart

we tried again about twice
being together, acting all nice
I couldn't even see past the lies
These were our last goodbyes

so wherever you may roam
as always far removed from home
know that I won't forget you
but I couldn't live with you too

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